Thank you for connecting with Serenity Massage & Reiki Healing for your therapy treatment. 

Currently, due to Covid 19, I am only seeing clients who have a clear clinical need as per Government guidelines: 

"You may only provide a treatment  IF:

  • The client has a genuine healthcare need – you must be able to justify the need for the treatment to ascertain necessity. There is no need for the client to be referred by a GP/ nurse/ physio etc, but you must show on your consultation form that the client has a genuine physical or mental health condition that you are assisting with that is causing them pain or having an adverse impact on their mobility or their quality of life.

  • You conduct a virtual consultation prior to treatment to gain clinical information to justify the treatment taking place. The treatment time must be kept to a minimum."

If you would like to book a treatment, please call Karen on 07484 140398 to discuss available options.

Many Thanks

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07484 140398

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