A Natural Way to Heal



Blissfull, Calming and Relaxing

This wonderful treatment brings together the theraputic benefits of massage with the gentle healing of Reiki. This is my clients ultimate favourite choice for mental and physical wellbeing.


Balance Your Chi

An energy healing technique that works by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.  When our energy is unbalanced or depleted (resulting in illness or stress) healing acts as a gentle set of jump leads and the energy is then drawn to where it is most needed.

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Katie M

After a healing session with Karen I left feeling so much more relaxed and for the first time in six weeks I felt that my breathing was normal. I suffer with anxiety and have just experienced grief and a health issue and Karen made me feel human again.


Donna K

Amazing massage today.. very relaxed. Heated bed was amazing and listened to me where I wanted the pressure
Def recommend to anyone x


Amy M

Karen was so lovely and i can highly recommend her massage and Reiki Healing. Just what i needed and i will be back. Thankyou so much:)


Sarah G

It was so nice just to go somewhere totally calm and peaceful away from the stresses of everyday life. The massage was wonderful and the whole experience really left me feeling relaxed and de-stressed.


Belva D

Karen is wonderful! She squeezed me in today for a treatment and I felt comfortable as soon as I walked in. The treatment was fabulous and got rid of a lot of my tension, stress and headache! 5* I already booked my 2nd appointment. I highly recommend Karen & the treatment 


Esme W

Karen makes you feel at ease and explains everything you would need to know.
The combined massage and healing treatment was wonderful. Relaxing and therapeutic.
I would highly recommend Karen and will definitely be returning. Thank you.


Jacquie R

The combined massage and healing treatment was wonderful. Relaxing and therapeutic.
I would highly recommend Karen and will definitely be returning. Thank you.


Rose P

Karen is a lovely, friendly and calm lady, who is so welcoming at makes you feel at ease. Before the Reiki treatment, she explained fully how it works and made me feel calm and informed before the treatment began. I felt incredible after, and have already booked in another appointment. We were recommended by a friend and would definitely recommend Karen to anyone.


The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

As a natural healer and trained Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner,  I believe that blending physical skills with holistic gifts is a powerful form of wellness treatment.
Whether you chose a single or a combined treatment, Serenity Massage and Reiki Healing is your opportunity to take the time to free and clear yourself of all worries and stressors that life places upon us and allow your body and mind to recover - naturally.

Sandy Beach


Natural Healing

A Serenity massage is right for you if you are stressed, tense, sore and aching or simply needing a little "bliss" time.  After an initial consultation,  I tailor my massage treatments to the needs of each individual client.

Back Massage

Karen is amazing. I've had many, many massages over the years,  but the combined Massage and Reiki healing is certainly the most effective and relaxing treatment I have ever had. I just love her!"